A downloadable BraSonic 1 for Windows

This is the first game in the series BraSonic * (also known as BrazSonic) a Brazilian "recolor" of SEGA blue hedgehog that comes to fight the corrupt villains of Brazil! This fangame recalls the best features of Sonic games, with lots of action and fun!

Brazil was dominated by a strange force, commanded by a mysterious villain, who maddened the Brazilians, nor did the president escape from it! BraSonic, who had pulled Sonic's rug, was running around until he was surprised by an angry mob … only then did he realize that he was the protagonist, and that it was not only him who was not dominated by the forces of evil.

Along the journey, BraSonic will go through several scenarios based on places in Brazil, such as the city of São Paulo, the northeastern backwoods and Amazonian forest. There will be many challenges amid the phases, coins and other power-ups to ensure their survival; more adversaries than humans, such as folkloric beings and wild animals; battles against bosses and even the Special Stages, to look for the legendary Notes of 100 Reais!


[Player 1]

  • Movement: arrows
  • Crouch down: down arrow
  • Jump: Space
  • Spindash: Down+ Ctrl
  • Super Brasonic: Shift (after gathering all the $100 banknotes)

[Player 2]

  • Movement: A and D
  • Crouch down: S
  • Jump: W
  • Spindash: S + E

C- Type cheat code R- Restart level (it costs one life)


  • This game has no commercial link with the SEGA (TM) Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.
  • It is a non-commercial artistic production
  • All references of this game to real personalities are fictitious and created without the intention of preaching slander or defamation
  • (*) Because it was released in 2004, the game is practically outdated by current patterns and events.
  • Please do not take it seriously!

And give a look at the BrazSonic's official website for more info: https://brasonic.com/en/main/

Install instructions

6MB of HD free space – Windows 98/NT/2003/Vista (demands DirectX7)


brasonic.zip 4 MB
Cutscenes translations to English 7 kB

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