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Unfortunately, due to some significant issues such as lack of communication, determination and presence I had to stop BrazSonic 2 project for good. Although, all these years of work were worth where I could learn a lot of stuff to share.

What made you do that?

The reason I’m writing and divulging all these reports is precisely to share stories and experiences, which can bring some usefulness to any kind of person, not just professionals who deal with programming and projects.

I also spent several years without giving any news about the progress of BrazSonic 2, which inevitably caused many to lose interest. The purpose of this material is to fill the emptiness left for all this time, with information not previously disclosed, curiosities, screens, videos and downloads of older playable builds.

I separated the stories here for periods, where each of them had points that marked the development of BrazSonic 2 irreversibly, for good and bad. This way of spliting content in phases was due to the reason that there’s a lot of reports and "playable" builds.

About this BrazSonic 2 phase

This had been the first BrazSonic 2 project phase. It was supposed to use the same artstyle from the 2004 BrazSonic, with recoloured versions of the Sonic the Hedgehog games sprites among some original graphic assets, such as NPCs.

On this sequel, besides the main protagonist BraSonic, you also could play as two other heroes: PeloTails, the southern fox, and Baianuckles, the northeastern Echidna. The character skills and gameplay were similar to Sonic, Tails and Knuckles from Sonic 3, for Mega Drive. Like its predecessor, the levels are still based on some real Brazil locations, such as Rio de Janeiro coast and São Paulo town.

The full story...

You will be able to find out here, in the official website, there's also more screens and dev reports. Have a good read.

About this build


  • 3 playable characters
  • 4 Action stages/ levels
  • 2 boss battles
  • Extras


  • Arrows: movement; 
  • “Z”: jump; 
  • Space/Enter: menu/options select, skip cutscenes;


  • Bcsilva: Programming, digital art, level design
  • Rodrigo Pereira aka Enigma Kitsune: Oficial Soundtrack

Special Thanks:

  • Damizean: base sonic platformer engine for Game Maker
  • Gadget3D: base pseudo-3d Game Maker engine for Special Stages
  • Fórum Portal Sonic: fan-characters cameos
  • Sega and Sonic Team: animations and other graphic assets rips from the original games


Below I’ve listed some bugs and bugs that might happen during this release. Because it is not a distributable version, do not be alarmed if any of them occur to you!

The player fell off from the level, and then?
Since this version had not programmed a half of the character to die by falling out of it, you can press the “R” key to return from the last checkpoint position.

Install instructions

Required space:

  • 2005 prototype build: 8.18 MB

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, or newer
  • DirectX 8
  • 512MB of RAM


BrazSonic2 2005 Prototype Build 8 MB

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