BraSonic 20XX - Update 1.1.2 - a new era

It’s been a few days since the last version 1.1.1 release fix. Now I’ve released a new update with some fixes, small implementations, and significant improvements.

What are the fixes here?

  • Fatal error in multiplayer
  • The character sometimes gets stuck in the spin-tubes
  • Unlockable character animations and abilities were incomplete

Any news?

  • New colors theme for some levels
  • Those Sonic 2 casino machines have been implemented
  • Multiplayer: now it is no longer possible for 2 or more players to choose the same character and some phases in this mode have been corrected

Whatever bugs/errors you find, please let me know here on the comments.

More details from this release on Changelog.

See ya

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Nov 08, 2023

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