Version 0.1.2, some bug fixes and more

Hello fellas, 

Despite I'm a little away from computer recently and taking some time to answer, I'm always aware about the game reception and feedbacks.

 I just uploaded a recent version of Android and Windows builds from BrazSonic 20XX with the following fixes:

  • ANDROID: screen  directional touch fixed, due to the very misplaced "left button" touch region
  • ANDROID: touch buttons, on the pause screen, used to be invisible
  • ALL VERSIONS: for the 1,2,3 touch buttons, some actions have been improved. For characters that only make use of "jump" button, like BrazSonic, PeloTails and Bahianuckles, all of the three buttons trigger the jump actions. And for specific characters, that  use to boost(Modern Sonic) or   shoot (Guimo), the 1 and 3 buttons are used to jump, and the 2, for the special action.
  • ALL VERSIONS: bug at the Iguaçu Zone, where the player takes a green spring while being dragged by the powerful underwater streams. That used to make the player lose the control.
  • ALL VERSIONS: some bugfixes  on Iguaçu Zone, specially on the biggest waterfall area, which used to be very frustating and water slides speed.
  • ALL VERSIONS: some fixes on the system screens, like character and level select.

All of these current fixes were made to make the experience with BrazSonic better, specially on the Android version, which is more challenging to work with.

And regarding the translation to non-portuguese languages, don't worry, I'm working on that for the next release. I'm trying to avoid to translate literally, because in certain parts, like the story scenes and dialogue, it's necesasary to interpretate situations for different languages.

So, enjoy the new version, and don't hesitate to contact me for bug notices and more

stay tuned!

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Dec 21, 2019
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Dec 21, 2019

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