Demo Version 21+, definitive update!

Hello fellas! I have great news about the BrazSonic 20XX DEMO!

I’m releasing build 21+ (0.2.1+), with it BrazSonic 20XX will no longer be the same! And that will be very good!

Now, the game has more faithful physics to the Sonic 2D games, with smoother and realistic curves, slopes, loopings, gravity, unlike previous versions of this Demo. This is due to the GMate Engine, an open-source Sonic game engine, kind of old but still quite usable.

We have a huge list of changes and fixes:

  • New Title Card by
  • Title Cards fixed in extra levels
  • New money monitors, with faces of real BRL banknotes, by Pako Maruyama
  • Functional elemental shields
  • BrazSonic: now works with elemental shields
  • PeloTails: more controllable flight skill
  • Bahianuckles: now has animation after climbing to the end of a wall, preventing it from falling back as it did before
  • Bahianuckles/Bubsy: glide on bosses
  • Sonic: boost fixed on mobile
  • Sonic: boost underwater
  • Guimo: more reactive shots, hit the wall with effects. 35 coins-shot destroys more than one barrier
  • All characters: better running over water
  • Multiplayer: fixed pause screen
  • Multiplayer: corrected death animations
  • Redesign of some levels, mainly the extra mode ones
  • Smoother slopes and curves
  • Boss battle Sonic vs Sonic
  • Great Gate Zone: corrected water-running
  • Forest Village: less frustrating and better for low-jump characters (like Bahianuckles)
  • Aerial Garden: more springs
  • In Windows version, keyboard/gamepad buttons events were active even outside the game window
  • More responsive touch gamepad
  • Repairs on Catastropybara boss when hitting it
  • Repairs in Patralha boss when hitting him
  • In-game link to the website
  • Some performance improvements

One thing, because the project has now had a massive implementation, mainly in the physics of the characters, it is possible that there are still some bugs. I ask you to communicate me right here or on social media when you find one, okay?

See ya!

Files 89 MB
May 06, 2020
brasonic20xx_demo.apk 98 MB
May 06, 2020

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