New brand march build

Greetings fellas,

I have been out for a while due to some vacations and my broken laptop :(. 

Now I'm back to action for good, with great news and new Windows and Android builds with some cool implementations and bugfixes.

New implementations:
- "secret" stars counter in the score
- joypad / gamepad in mobile version, configurable at game startup
- Catastropybara boss battle a little less easy
- Patralha1317 boss battle a little less easy
- sound and visual effects on some characters like PeloTails, Bahianuckles, Guimo
- Bubsy now with spindash
- parallax background in Pernambuco Zone
- mobile language select

- better positioned touchpad buttons
- better speed shoes item effect
- coins in the special stage with larger collision
- more realistic PeloTails flight skill
- fixes in some translations in English and Spanish
- character jump while running on water
- outline of the dialogues texts thicker and with a background for better reading
- some repairs in collisions of solid objects in the action levels
- great gate zone with some fixes
- Guimo shooting skills with better visual effects and physics
- fix at the end of the stage where you used to fall out of the scenery, at high speed
- rocket and emerald hang fix


brasonic20xx_demo.exe 88 MB
Mar 11, 2020
brasonic20xx_demo.apk 97 MB
Mar 11, 2020

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