0.1.3 Release: English and Spanish translations

Hello fellas, how are you going?

I just released a new BraSonic 20XX update, kind of in a hurry!

At the time I was working on the cancelled BrazSonic 2, I considered changing his name from BraSonic (Bra"S"il) to BrazSonic(Bra"Z"il) once and for all, to get something more internationalized, you know? Because I always have been in Sonic's international web forums such as Sonic Fan Games HQ. Hence, I left that name translated to the English version that would also come with the game. Consequently, in the development of the BraSonic 20XX, I started to implement this idea, and soon thought of the Spanish translation later this month.

There is nothing very new here except the English and Spanish languages, as promised, for better understanding, specially for the story parts. This was actually quite a bit of work, as I had to go through all the game code in order to apply the translations, many of which I had to translate without being literally.

What's new?

  • English translations added for the whole game: phase names, options screens, dialogs, texts, etc.
  • Spanish translations added for the whole game: phase names, options screens, dialogs, texts , etc.
  • It is possible to change languages in the options screen
  • Gallery with more things to see


  • Some fixes in player acceleration and deceleration
  • Bug in Bahianuckles climbing that didn't work on mobile 
  • Bug when Guimo lowered, he got stuck in this state
  • Some fixed button actions
  • "Unlocked extras" screen with touch commands fixed 
  • Score screen after finishing Special Stage, winning or losing
  • I released the option to run the game on non GPU (graphics processing unit) phones ), may work on more smartphones

But there may still be something pending to fix, as the focus of this release was the translation itself. In that case, be sure to contact me, ok?

Merry Christmas everyone!



brasonic20xx_demo.exe 75 MB
Dec 24, 2019
brasonic20xx_demo.apk 82 MB
Dec 24, 2019

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